Recommended Specification for Myriad v5

The information below is shown for information purposes only, please contact TruCast Support for further details.

These are only baseline suggestions, if you are planning on running other applications on the same computer then you should increase the CPU and RAM accordingly.

Note for Myriad Logging Recorder: this "Recommended Specification" is the minimum requirement for Myriad Logging. If you are logging multiple radio stations then you should strongly consider a more powerful CPU and/or extra ram. please contact us for more information.

CPU requirements

For example, a modern generation Intel i5 (7th generation or newer recommended) is perfect for studio playback, but if you are planning on running your encoding software, Myriad OCP, and also scheduling all on the same pc (i.e. an "all in one" configuration) then we strongly recommend using an i7 with 16GB of ram, especially if your encoding software does heavy audio processing, for example using StereoTool or Breakaway)

Important: We are only referring the full desktop versions of Intel CPU's, the mobile/integrated CPU variants of the Intel CPU's tend to have lower performance than the equivalent desktop models.

Your CPU will need to provide a minimum of 4 "Logical Processors" for a PC running Myriad Playout in standard "Single Station Mode".  

If you are running Myriad Playout in "Multi Station Mode" then you will ideally have an initial 4 Logical Processors then an additional 1 Logical Processors PER station.

For example a PC playing out 4 stations will ideally have a basic 4 Logical Processors then 1 processors for each stations, i.e. 4 + 4x1 = 8 Logical Processors. A modern high specification single Intel i7 CPU has 8 Logical Processors so would be ideal.

Operating Systems

We strongly recommend Windows 10 Pro or higher as other versions allow less control over Windows Updates etc.

If you are installing a dedicated central file and database server to centrally store your audio and data then we only support Windows Server 2016 and Server 2019.

Recommended Myriad Playout PC:

  • Intel i5 processor (7th Gen)
  • 8GB RAM
  • If storing audio data locally: 1TB HD 
  • If using audio data from a server: 240GB SSD
  • Soundcard:
    • For use in a studio: 4 line-out channel soundcard (most 7.1 soundcards are also supported) with at least 1 line-in
    • For an automation playout only pc, or an administration desktop pc: 1 line-out soundcard, with 1 line-in
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Minimum 1600x900 display
  • Single widescreen monitor or dual standard aspect ratio monitors. 

Server (optional):

  • Intel Xeon Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB HD (2 drives mirrored)
  • Windows Server 2016 or 2019 Standard OS
  • SQL Express 2016 (or higher).


1Gbit dedicated network. Please see the attached document "Configuring Local Area Networks for Myriad Playout" for more information.