Many users now regularly use multiple display screens attached to the PC's, and these are just as common in studios. 

By default Myriad Playout will automatically use all available displays and attempt to use a suitable layout, but sometimes you might need to limit which screens Myriad will use, or you may want to force Myriad to leave the main Windows 'Primary' display available for other applications.


The easiest way to do this is in Myriad Playout by clicking the Settings menu, then Application Settings then select the Options tab:


Note: On older releases of Myriad Playout v5 these options were on the Advanced Tab

Command line options:

 Alternatively you can configure which displays Myriad will use via command line options. This can useful if you sometimes need to use different displays for different tasks. You would therefore create a copy of the normal Myriad Playout desktop shortcut and add different options depending on your needs. 

A full list of all Myriad Playout command line options is available on the Windows Start Menu.

The 2 options you can use are :

(alternatively /Monitor=x)

/MaxScreens=y (alternatively


Sets which display screen that Myriad should display it's main window on/Screen=2e.g. if you have 3 screens and specified /Screen=2 then the main window would appear on your second monitor, then you would see one other "secondary" window on your third monitor.
Sets the maximum number of screens should use/MaxScreens=2e.g. if you had 4 screens and specified /Screen=2 /MaxScreens=2 then you would see the main window on your second screen, and a single secondary window on your third screen.

 The minimum value is 1